Book Recommendations: Philosophy of Animal Rights


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Animal Liberation

by Peter Singer

This is the "bible" of the animal welfare movement. First written in 1975, Animal Liberation was the book that launched the modern animal rights movement. According to The New York Times Book Review, "Singer's documentation is unrhetorical and unemotional, his arguments tight and formidable, for he bases his case on neither personal nor religious nor highly abstract philosophical principles, but on moral positions most of us already accept".


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Of Mice, Models and Men

by Andrew N. Rowan

This is the first study to combine regard for the welfare of laboratory animals with a belief in the continuing need for research involving animals. It presents, in a manner accessible to both sides, all the relevant historical, social and scientific information required to form an opinion on the subject. 


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The Great Ape Project

edited by Paola Cavalieri and Peter Singer

This is a compelling and revolutionary work that calls for the immediate extension of our human rights to the other great apes. The book is a collection of thirty one essays by the world's most distinguished observers of free-living apes.


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Babies and Beasts

by Daniel A. Dombrowski

Both its defenders and detractors have described the argument from marginal cases as the most important to date in defense of animal rights. The argument concludes that no morally relevant characteristic distinguishes human beings - including infants, the severely retarded, the comatose, and other "marginal cases" from any other animals.


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Animal Rights and Human Obligations

edited by Tom Regan and Peter Singer

Edited by the two leading philosophers in the animal protection movement, this volume provides a comprehensive overview of historical and contemporary writings that address both the nature of non-human animals and our duties towards them.